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Mesh Bags

Light, Durable and Versatile

Fisher Bag Company offers a comprehensive selection of lightweight, sturdy polypropylene mesh bags. Ideal for packaging produce, our bags provide exceptional visibility and come in various sizes and colors. Trust the leading Mesh bags distributor in the Northwest.

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We stock a full line of top-quality polypropylene mesh bags, perfect for various industries. From produce packaging to oyster seeding, our bags combine durability, visibility, and customization. Our mesh bags are lightweight and make it easy to see the product being stored inside. Discover the right fit for your products today.

Sizes & Variations

Discover our range of premium Stock Leno or Raschel Knit Mesh Bags, tailored to meet diverse needs. Each bag is knit from high-quality polypropylene and is constructed with a black drawstring at the top.

Stock Leno Polypropylene Mesh Bags

  • 5 lb – 10×14″ Purple Mesh
  • 10 lb – 12×16″ Red Mesh 
  • 25 lb – 16×26″ Purple Mesh
  • 50 lb – 18×32″ Red Mesh


Stock leno mesh bags are available for immediate shipment from our warehouse via UPS or common carrier.


Shipping available all over USA through UPS / FedEx.

Pallet shipping available.


Available at our warehouses.

Lead Time

Ready for pickup / shipping.

Minimum Order Size

Order quantity from 100

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Mon – Fri | 8 AM – 5 PM


Perfect for branding and product differentiation, our custom and printed Leno or Raschel knit mesh bags allow you to stand out while maintaining the same strength and quality you expect from us. Whether you need custom sizing, logos, or color options, we’ve got you covered. While red and purple are the most common colors, many other color fabrics are available.

Sizes & Variations

We can customize any of our stock bags with printing in up to 6 colors. We can also manufacture custom bags per a customer’s specifications. We offer both domestic and international manufacturing depending on the size and scope of the project.

Fabric Options

  • Leno Polypropylene Mesh 
  • Raschel Knit Polypropylene Mesh 

Printing Options

  • Domestic – 6 colors
  • International – 5 colors

Additional Options

  • Tie string
  • White print band


Stock leno mesh bags are available for immediate shipment from our warehouse via UPS or common carrier.


Shipping available all over USA through UPS / FedEx.

Pallet shipping available.


Available at our warehouses.

Lead Time

Ready for pickup / shipping.

Minimum Order Size

Order quantity from 100

More About Mesh Bags

Fisher Bag Company’s mesh bags, made from sturdy polypropylene, are perfect for a variety of uses. These lightweight, see-through bags are great for transporting produce like potatoes, onions, and fruits, making it easy to see what’s inside. They come in different colors and sizes, fitting various needs.

Beyond just carrying groceries, these mesh bags are essential in aquaculture, especially for oyster seeding along the Pacific Coast. Fisher Bag offers customizable options, including sizes, colors, and print bands for easy identification. Durable and reusable, these mesh bags are not only practical but also an eco-friendly choice for diverse applications, demonstrating their versatility and effectiveness.

Mesh Bags

Industries and Applications



Food Industry


Oysters Seeding / Bagging


Food Processing


Industrial Packaging

Nurseries & Forestery

Retail & Branding

Retail Sales

Why Use Our Mesh Bags?


Mesh bags offer excellent product visibility, making it easy to identify contents without opening the bag, reducing handling.


Made from lightweight, strong and durable polypropylene, Fisher Bag Company products can withstand heavy wear and tear.


Mesh bags are often considered better than single-use plastic bags and other similar packaging methods due to their reusability and lower environmental impact.


Crafted from polypropylene, our mesh products are budget-friendly and sustainable without sacrificing quality.

Highly Versatile

Our bags can be used for a variety of purposes, including storage, transportation, and crafting.


We can customize our mesh bags to meet your specific needs, such as choice of size and color, branding, black-tie string for easy closure or white print band.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We manufacture our products using the best raw materials with high-quality equipment and machines to produce durable bags you can rely on.

Leading Supplier

We have a large inventory of products serving customers in the Northwest from our warehouse in Kent. WA.

Flexible Order Size

We offer flexible order sizes, small or in bulk you can order the exact quantity of bags you need. Pickup or shipping available with a range of options.

Choosing the Right Mesh Bag

Selecting the appropriate mesh bag from Fisher Bag Company involves a few key considerations to ensure you get a product that perfectly meets your needs and aligns with your values.

Assessing the Purpose

Firstly, identify what you’ll be using the mesh bag for. If it’s for agricultural purposes like carrying fruits and vegetables, you’ll want a bag that allows for airflow to keep produce fresh. For aquaculture, particularly oyster seeding, select bags that can withstand constant exposure to water and marine environments. Understanding the specific use helps in choosing a mesh bag with the right features.

Size and Shape Considerations

Mesh bags come in various sizes and shapes, catering to different capacities and types of produce. It’s crucial to pick a size that’s large enough to accommodate your items but not so large that it becomes cumbersome to handle. Fisher Bag Company offers a range of sizes, ensuring there’s a fit for every requirement.

Customization for Branding

Fisher Bag Company provides customization options, including different colors and the addition of print bands. This is perfect for businesses looking to enhance brand visibility, as custom-printed mesh bags can serve as a marketing tool while being functional.

Environmental Impact

Opting for mesh bags is also a step towards environmental responsibility. These bags are reusable, reducing the need for single-use plastics. Choosing a mesh bag from Fisher Bag Company means contributing to sustainable practices, as they offer durable and eco-friendly options suitable for various applications.

By considering these factors, you can confidently choose the right mesh bag from Fisher Bag Company that is functional, aligns with your branding needs, and supports environmental sustainability.

Mesh Bag

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mesh bag?

A mesh bag is a type of bag made from a fabric that features an open, net-like structure, allowing air and light to pass through.

What are mesh bags used for?

Mesh bags are used for various purposes, including packaging all varieties of produce from potatoes and onions to oranges and grapefruits, seeding and bagging oysters, and as promotional or branding tools among other uses.

What are mesh bags made of?

Mesh bags are typically made from materials like polypropylene, nylon, or cotton, woven or knitted into a mesh pattern.

What is burlap made from?

At Fisher Bag Company, we pride ourselves on understanding the very fabric of our products. Burlap, with its rustic charm and durability, is primarily woven from the resilient fibers of the jute plant. However, in some regions, burlap might also be crafted from the fibers of other plants, such as kenaf or sisal. These natural sources ensure that every bag carries with it a touch of nature's essence, making burlap both sustainable and versatile.

What is Leno mesh and Raschel Mesh?

Leno mesh is a type of mesh fabric characterised by a crosshatch weave pattern that provides strength and durability. It's commonly used to produce bags. Raschel bags are bags made from Raschel mesh fabric, which is known for its heavy-duty, sturdy construction. They are often used for seafood and heavy-duty applications.

Which is better: mesh bag or burlap bag?

The choice between mesh and burlap bags depends on the specific use. Mesh bags are ideal for items that require breathability, while burlap bags are better for items that need protection from light and moisture.

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