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Serving customers for over a century, our products cover a large spectrum of applications and industries.



Durable, practical and eco-friendly, these natural fiber bags fit the needs of a multitude of industries and use-cases.

Reliable, durable and moisture-resistant woven polypropylene bags with the Fisher Bag Company guarantee of quality.

Ideal for produce like potatoes, oranges, or oysters, lightweight, durable, with full visibility of stored product.

Designed for heavy-duty use across industries – from construction and mining to farming and flood control, our FIBC bags are truly versatile.

Reliable, cost effective and readily available, our sandbags excel for emergency or non-emergency flood and erosion control applications.

Perfect for various industries from mining to food products, our high-quality paper bags offer a full range of customizable options.

High-quality PE bags offer exceptional tensile strength, clarity, and moisture protection, approved for FDA and USDA use.

ROLLED Material

Durable and eco-friendly, burlap material has diverse uses from concrete curing to the minding industry.

Cotton bags and material are a good looking and durable packaging option for a multitude of applications and industries.

Durable, practical and eco-friendly, these natural fiber bags fit the needs of a multitude of industries and use-cases.

Additional Products

Versatile tight-twisting wire ties with loops on both ends, perfect for securely closing bags or tying rebar.

We offer a diverse range of Twines, String, and Rope, including polyester, flax, sisal, jute, cotton, and polypropylene.

Fisher Bag Advantage

Family Owned Business

Family Owned

With a legacy dating back to 1922, Fisher Bag Company is a second-generation family-owned leading enterprise in the Northwest.

Wide Product Range

Wide Product Range

Fisher Bag Company provides options for bags and packaging with a choice of fabric, different colors, closures and more.

Full Customization

Full Customization

From burlap to bulk bags all our products come in both stock and custom versions, with a variety of options to support your brand and needs.

Exceptional Quality

Exceptional Quality

Our bags are crafted from top-notch materials, ensuring they are durable, robust and fit for any application.

Country-wide Reach

Country-wide Reach

We focus on the northwest, but we ensure you have access to a wide range of products, regardless of your location.

Customer Centric


We prioritize outstanding customer service, striving to understand your needs, and provide tailored products.