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Food Grade Bulk Bags


Our hygienic bulk bags are specially designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries. We are involved in each step of the manufacturing process, ensuring all FIBCS are free of any contaminants. We have inspected our manufacturers to ensure all facilities conform to FDA directives relating to manufacturing materials that come into contact with food.

Use Cases

Grain Storage

 Ideal for storing and transporting bulk grains while maintaining their quality.

Flour and Sugar Handling

Perfect for the safe and hygienic transportation of flour and sugar.

Spice Distribution

Suitable for bulk spices, ensuring they remain fresh and uncontaminated.

Dairy Powder Transport

 Excellent for transporting dairy powders like milk and whey.

Pet Food Production

Used in storing and moving bulk pet food ingredients.

Coffee Bean Distribution

 Keeps coffee beans fresh during storage and transport.

Nut Processing

Effective in handling bulk quantities of nuts.

Frozen Food Transportation

Suitable for transporting bulk frozen food items.

Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Ideal for safe and contaminant-free transportation of pharmaceutical ingredients.

Health Supplement Manufacturing

 Used in storing and transporting bulk health supplement materials.

Industries and Applications


These bags are crucial for storing and transporting agricultural products like grains and seeds. They ensure that these essential commodities are kept free from contamination and maintain their quality during storage and transit.

Baking Industry

In the baking industry, food-grade bulk bags are used for handling large quantities of flour, sugar, and other baking ingredients, ensuring they remain uncontaminated and retain their quality for superior end products.

Spice Trade

 Ideal for the spice trade, these bags maintain the freshness and purity of bulk spices, preventing cross-contamination and preserving the spices’ natural flavors and aromas.

Dairy Industry

For dairy products like milk powder and whey, these bags offer a hygienic solution to transport and store these sensitive products while maintaining their nutritional quality.

Pet Food Manufacturing

 In pet food production, these bags are used for storing and transporting bulk ingredients, ensuring that the pet food remains safe and free from contaminants.

Coffee Industry

Essential for the coffee industry, these bags keep bulk coffee beans fresh, preserving their aroma and flavor from the point of production to distribution.

Nut Processing Plants

 These bags are perfect for nut processing plants, offering a safe and hygienic way to store and transport bulk nuts while preserving their quality and preventing contamination.

Frozen Food Suppliers

For frozen food items, these bags provide a secure and contamination-free storage solution, essential for maintaining the quality and safety of frozen food products during transportation.


In the pharmaceutical industry, maintaining purity is paramount. These bags are used to transport bulk pharmaceutical ingredients, ensuring they remain uncontaminated and safe for use in medical products.

Health Supplements

For health supplement manufacturing, these bags offer a clean, safe way to handle bulk supplement materials, ensuring the final products are free from contamination and safe for consumption.

Why Use Our Product?

Hygienic and Safe

Manufactured to meet stringent food safety standards.

Customizable Solutions

Tailored to meet specific industry needs and requirements.

High-Quality Materials

 Constructed with materials that meet FDA regulations for food contact.

Versatile Applications

 Suitable for a wide range of products in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We manufacture our products using the best raw materials with high-quality equipment and machines to produce durable bags you can rely on.

Contaminant-Free Assurance

Each bag is guaranteed to be free from contaminants, ensuring product purity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your Food Grade Bulk Bags certified?

Yes, our bags are manufactured in compliance with FDA directives and are suitable for food contact.

Can these bags be used for organic food products?

Absolutely, our bags are suitable for organic food products, ensuring their purity and safety.

Are custom sizes available for specific requirements?

Yes, we offer customizable sizes to suit the unique needs of different industries.

How do I place an order or get a quote?

Contact us at (206) 575-4888 or via email at sales@fisherbag.com for orders and quotes.

What measures are taken to ensure the bags are contaminant-free?

We ensure rigorous quality control throughout the manufacturing process and conduct inspections to maintain the highest standards of hygiene.

Can food grade bulk bags be reused?

Yes, many of our food grade bulk bags are designed for multiple uses. However, it's crucial to assess the condition of the bag and the type of food product it previously held. Always adhere to safety and hygiene standards for reuse.

Are your food grade bulk bags customizable?

Absolutely. We offer customization options for our food grade bulk bags, including size, shape, and additional features like liners or moisture barriers, to meet specific requirements of different food products.

How do I choose the right size for my food grade bulk bag?

The right size depends on the volume and weight of the product you intend to store or transport. Consider both the physical space the product occupies and its weight to ensure the bag can safely accommodate your needs.

How should I store food grade bulk bags?

Store them in a clean, dry environment, away from direct sunlight and contaminants. Proper storage is essential to maintain the bag’s integrity and hygiene, especially for food-related applications.

Are there specific handling instructions for food grade bulk bags?

Yes, handling should be done in a way that maintains the bag’s structural integrity and hygiene. Use appropriate equipment to avoid damaging the bag and ensure it is sealed correctly to protect the contents from contamination.

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